Tet-On shRNA (1)

Custom TetOn shRNA Lentivirus

$1395   |   1 Validated shRNA against your gene activated by TetOn system

Best choice 

  • Validated shRNA against your gene
  • Supplied as high-titer lentiviral particles, ready to add to your cells
  • Lentiviral particles produced from an shRNA sequence validated to provide at least 70% knockdown of your gene
  • TetOn system allows negative control in the same cells
  • Knockdown validation data is provided to you: receive fluorescence microscopy images for your custom shRNA just like the ones in our product thumbnails
  • The shRNA constructs are validated to knockdown your gene
  • Your choice of reporter (GFP, RFP, Firefly Luc) and selection marker (Puro, BSD)
  • Titer of ~5×10^6 TU (~1×10^8 lentiviral particles/mL, ~300-400 μL) for lentiviral vectors with fluorescent (GFP/RFP) reporters, and about 2×10^6 TU (~1×10^8 lentiviral particles/mL, ~300-500 μL) for luciferase-containing constructs (due to larger insert size)
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