About Us


LipExoGen Biotech is a U.S.-based premier supplier of Liposome, Exosome, and Gene-related products and services for preclinical applications in the life sciences. We are a highly-motivated team committed to the same mission: Streamline biomedical R&D by providing smartly-designed products and services to the life science community.


We value affordable prices, state-of-the-art services, and efficient timelines. Listed below are just a few of the things that we do.


We provide some of the most popular liposomes for R&D, including novel targeted and drug-loaded liposomes not offered anywhere else, and unparalleled formulation development services to meet your research objectives. Our liposome products are unique from our competitors because we allow the customer to experience a high level of customization for just about any basic formulation. Many of our catalog liposome products contain adjuvants, dyes, drugs, and functional headgroups, all in one. And, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, its quite easy to request a custom order.


We produce engineered exosomes which are suitable for use in vivo and useful for applications such as cancer biology, immunology, and more. To learn more about our custom engineered exosome services, click here. We also offer exosome isolation services to help streamline your workflow.


All of our gene services utilize our own high-quality, new version optimized vectors, ensuring you receive the highest quality services at competitive prices. We clone ORF cDNA, TF Reporters, Promoters, miRNAs, and verify shRNAs for any gene. We also edit DNAs on your plasmid templates, and design and integrate TF enhancers or repressors into gene promoters to study gene regulation. We isolate and purify custom lentiviral particles for any of these components at qualities suitable for high-efficiency transduction of primary or thawed cells. Find your gene of interest in our catalog or contact us today for a custom order.