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Our diverse gene services provide researchers with the highest quality of custom lentiviral particles, custom cloning, gene editing and mutagenesis, and gene regulation services available. By utilizing our own high-quality, new-version optimized vectors, we are able to deliver the highest quality services while retaining competitive prices. We clone ORF cDNA, TF Reporters, Promoters, miRNAs, verify shRNAs for any gene, edit DNAs on your plasmid templates, and design and integrate TF enhancers or repressors into gene promoters to study gene regulation. We also isolate and purify custom lentiviral particles for any of these components at qualities suitable for high-efficiency transfection of primary or thawed cells. In addition, our lentiviral particles can allow you to easily establish stable cell lines expressing shRNA/miRNA, and recruiting the shRNA/miRNA to exosomes. Find your gene of interest in our catalog or contact us today for a custom order.

We provide a variety of fast and efficient lentivirus services that allow you to obtain the highest-quality lentiviral particles based on your specifications on-demand. Our services include production of lentiviral particles packaged with shRNAs or miRNAs for efficient gene knockdown, or custom sgRNA for CRISPR/Cas9 mediated knockout using your own vector. Our lentiviral particles allow easy establishment of stable cell lines expressing your target gene of interest, and recruiting expressed shRNAs or miRNAs into exosomes.  In addition to RNAi, we also provide our customers with lentiviral particles loaded with ORF cDNAs, and bioluminescence- or fluorescence-based transcription factor reporter or gene promoter reporter systems tailored to your research. We pride ourselves on giving our customers way more value for the same price or less.

Our Gene Cloning services are ideal for anyone seeking mammalian expression plasmids. You can easily establish stable cell lines or produce high-titer lentiviral particles capable of transducing primary, thawed, or other difficult-to-transfect cells. We perform custom design and cloning of shRNAs and bioluminescent or fluorescent transcription factor reporter systems, as well as custom cloning of cDNAs and miRNAs. 

We even perform custom cloning of gene promoters and additional regulatory elements such as enhancers or repressors into our high-quality bioluminescence- or fluorescence-based reporter constructs based on your specifications. All you need to do is provide the gene accession number and choose one of our unique destination vectors – then we will prepare and ship you the sequence-verified plasmid DNA containing your insert.

We provide Gene Editing and Mutagenesis services as a convenient way to get mutant DNA clones by site-directed mutagenesis while avoiding tedious kits and benchwork. Whether you need point mutations, insertions, or deletions, our expert molecular biology team can handle your mutagenesis needs so you can focus more on discovery. We offer competitive pricing, fast turnaround, and guaranteed accuracy for your project.

We provide comprehensive Gene Regulation Services as an ideal solution for researchers who are interested in studying gene regulation by transcription factors, but may not have the time or expertise to quickly obtain publication-quality results. We design and clone the DNA fragments you’re interested in studying, such as transcription factors (TF), ORF cDNA, target gene proximal promoters, and target gene regulatory elements including enhancers or repressors into our own high-quality new-version vectors. Then, we determine activity of the promoter regulated by TF, and regulatory elements via our TF-driven GFP reporter promoter assay and email you the results.

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