Modify A Plain Liposome Product

If the product you need is already very similar to one of our already offered Plain liposomes products, reference the SKU and make minor adjustments to non-lipid components using our Modify A Liposome Product form.

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Our Process

Sometimes one of our offered Plain PEGylated or Plain Non-PEGylated Liposome products is close to what you want, except for minor details such as the buffer, or lipid concentration for example. The Modify A Plain Liposome Product service is a simple way to make changes to non-lipid components and get the right liposomes faster. To modify, just follow the simple instructions provided below.

We will follow up with you by email to confirm the order details and provide you a price quotation.




Additional Information

Estimates are for typical requests and vary depending on multiple factors, including the complexity of your order and the availability of specific reagents needed to fulfill the request. 
Note: All of our products and services are intended for research use only, and not for human consumption. We do not accommodate requests for GMP manufacturing.

How It Works


Submit a Product Modification request referencing the listed liposome product you want to adjust.


We’ll email you to provide your quote and confirm order details if applicable. Reference the quote on your PO.


Receive your custom liposomes delivered to your door.

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