Quote Request Form: TF Reporter Custom Cloning


TF Reporter Custom Cloning

  • Enter the accession number of the Transcription Factor of interest.
  • Enter the name followed by sequence in FASTA format for each TF response element applicable to your request. For example, list all promoter, enhancer, repressor, etc. as applicable. If you need help or you don’t know the elements the TF binds to, you can alternatively provide a short DNA range sequence and accession number in the section below.
  • Paste in FASTA format if applicable.
  • Choose any of our listed high-quality pre-made vectors for quickest turnaround. If you need to request a custom version of one of our general vectors, select other and specify the details in the comments below.
  • If requesting a custom version of one of our general vectors, include the details here (may increase turnaround).
  • Specify the desired amount of plasmid DNA in µg.