Recombinant Antibody Services

Discover the Power of Lenti-mAb™ and Obtain High-Producing Clones in 8 Weeks

All-in-One Lentivirus for Stable mAb-Producing Cell Lines | Express in a Wide Range of Mammalian Cells | Purified High-Quality Recombinant Antibodies | Reduce Timeline and Cost

Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs)

Target Any Gene. Target Any Cell.

Encapsulate mRNA/siRNA/ASOs & More | Surface Modify with Antibodies, Proteins, Peptides, Aptamers, etc.
Unlimited Customization, Most Comprehensive Services

Unique Lentiviral Reporters

Largest & Most Diverse Reporter Catalog

Signaling Pathway Reporters | Transcription Factors Reporters | Reporters for In Vivo Imaging

NFκB Reporters | NFAT Reporters | JAK/STAT Reporters | More

Validated shRNA Lentivirus

Starting at $595

High-Titer| Knock-Down Any Gene | Validated shRNA Sets
Your Drug. Loaded in Our Liposomes.

Expert Liposomal Formulation Development Services for Preclinical Applications

Targeted Delivery | Co-Deliver Antigen + Adjuvant | Load Two Drugs in One Liposome | Label with Fluorescent Dyes for In Vivo Tracking | Peptide Conjugation | More
Engineered Exosomes

Professionally Designed, Functional In Vivo, & Completely Customizable. Engineer with Peptides/Protein Functional Domains | Track Cellular Uptake with Fluorescent Labels

Verified shRNA Constructs


Silence Any Gene | >70% Knock-Down Efficiency Guaranteed | Optimized New Version shRNA Lentiviral and AAV Vectors
Gene Editing

Mutate or Edit DNA on your Plasmid Template

Starting at $249/mutation | Typical Turnaround Within 10 Working Days
Gene Cloning

Starting at $495

ORF cDNA | sh/sg/miRNAs | Promoter | Fc Fusion | Custom In Vivo mAbs | BioID | Strep Tag II | Mammalian Two-Hybrid Assay | Choose From Unique Nonviral, Lentiviral, AAV, or Retroviral Vectors | Regular or Inducible
Express Exosome Isolation

Send Us Your Conditioned Medium & Get Purified Exosomes


LipExoGen is a premier supplier of liposome, exosome, gene, and recombinant antibody products and services. 

We value affordable prices, state-of-the-art services, and efficient timelines.

Listed below are just a few of the things that we do:

Liposomes & LNPs

We provide some of the most popular liposomes for R&D, including novel targeted and drug-loaded liposomes not offered anywhere else, and unparalleled formulation development services to meet your research objectives. Our lipid nanoparticle (LNP) services encompass mRNA LNPs, siRNA LNPs, targeted LNPs, solid lipid nanoparticles (SLNs) and nanostructured lipid carriers (NLCs), polymeric nanoparticles and more. Our teams’ unparalleled ability to think outside the box ensures you will receive the attention to detail and dedication you deserve for your formulation development project. We offer virtually unlimited customization allowing you to fine-tune the liposomes/LNPs to target specific cells or tissues depending on your research objectives.


Let our experts design/produce the custom exosomes that are right for you; our engineered exosomes are optimized for use in vivo and useful for applications such as cancer biology, immunology, and more. We also provide custom exosome isolation from your conditioned cell culture medium.


All of our gene services utilize our own high-quality, new version optimized vectors, ensuring you receive the highest quality services at competitive prices. We clone ORF cDNA, TF Reporters, Promoters, miRNAs, and verify shRNAs for any gene in regular, lentiviral, or AAV vectors. We also edit DNAs on your plasmid templates, and design and integrate TF enhancers or repressors into gene promoters to study gene regulation. We can isolate and purify custom lentiviral particles for any of these components at qualities suitable for high-efficiency transfection of primary or thawed cells. Our unique luciferase/fluorescent lentiviral imaging tools make it easier than ever to detect transduced cells using IVIS, flow cytometry, and more. Our lentiviral particles allow easy establishment of stable cell lines expressing your target gene of interest, and recruiting expressed shRNAs or miRNAs into exosomes. Find your gene of interest in our catalog or contact us today for a custom order.

Recombinant Antibodies

Discover the power of our proprietary Lenti-mAb™ platform to obtain lighting-fast recombinant antibody-producing cells in as little as 8 weeks. Our proprietary lentivirus-based antibody-expression system allows you to significantly cut time and cost to your development. Featuring an all-in-one H+L chain + drug selection lentiviral construct, Lenti-mAb provides unparalleled advantages in terms of achieving stable genomic integration, letting you breeze past the inefficient and costly process of obtaining high-producing clones through traditional plasmid transfection. Simply provide the variable fragment sequence, choose isotype, and receive high-titer lentivirus that can be applied to virtually any cell type in only 4 weeks. We also offer full-service cell line development and antibody production depending on your needs. Whether you face tight milestone deadlines in big pharma or an academic project that demands rapid generation of chimeric or humanized variants for activity testing, choose us to experience unprecedented speed and results that can take your R&D to a whole new level.



Recombinant Antibody Production



Lipid Nanoparticles (LNPs)


Gene Editing/ Mutagenesis


TF/Promoter Custom Cloning

miRNA/RNAi Custom Cloning

Verified Custom shRNAs

Custom Lentiviral Particles

ORF cDNA Custom Cloning

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