You can use Build Your Own Liposomes for this request. As long as the lipids you mention are commercially-available in the United States (good vendors include Avanti, Sigma-Aldrich, etc.), we can accommodate your request. In this case, we would consider DiR a lipid.

Build Your Own Regular Liposomes is essentially a “plug-and-play” system that lets you specify your liposome formulation parameters and have the liposomes made without the need for time-consuming phone calls/email exchanges. With Build Your Own Regular Liposomes, you provide instructions online, and we make your liposomes exactly according to those instructions.

As far as characterization goes, mean particle size analysis by DLS comes standard as a quality control measure. If you need additional characterization (e.g. HPLC, TEM, etc.), or want in-depth communication about your order and the formulation process, you’ll essentially be requesting formulation development.

Don’t worry, if you submit a request using Build Your Own Regular Liposomes form that requires formulation development services, we’ll let you know.