Tet-On System (4)

Advantages of Tet-On System

Researchers are keen to accelerate their studies on gene functions and achieve their objectives efficiently. Two critical approaches involve overexpressing and/or silencing the target gene in specific cells. Traditional methods like transient transfection of gene ORFs, siRNAs, miRNAs, or sgRNAs often produce inconsistent results, particularly when the gene has subtle variations. This inconsistency stems from factors such as transfection efficiency, variability in genomic integration sites, and significant discrepancies between the target and control groups, which can obscure the truth.

To tackle these challenges, scientists at LipExoGen have developed several innovative strategies:

  • Creation of lentiviral systems for ORF cDNA, shRNA, and sgRNA: These systems produce high-titer transducing lentiviruses, outperforming most existing lentiviral vectors. This method aims to reduce the variability in transient transfection efficiency and to establish stable polyclonal pools for experiments within just seven days after transduction.
  • Development of Tet-On ORF cDNA and Tet-On shRNA systems: These systems provide more precise functional analysis of genes by minimizing differences in genomic integration observed in individual clones, and by eliminating the need for corresponding controls.
  • Optimization of shRNA design: LipExoGen scientists have identified optimal criteria for shRNA design, taking into account not just the sequence but also the loop structure. This results in the rapid creation of highly efficient shRNAs, overcoming the constraints of traditional design rules.
  • Creation of lentiviral vectors for ORF cDNA and shRNA: These vectors include various tags, diverse fluorescent and luminescent reporters, and multiple selection drugs, all combined to achieve high expression levels that meet the demands of researchers.
  • Development of compatible lentiviral vector systems: These systems feature interchangeable cloning sites in every component or cassette, facilitating the most efficient, exchangeable, and rapid construction of plasmids to meet customer needs.
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