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Key Advantages:

  • Ultra-Sensitive Reporters Our catalog contains an ever-growing array of transcription factor (TF)/signal pathway reporters – all of which feature our innovative enhanced vector system. Upon pathway activation, a mini-enhancer and up to 8 tandem repeats of TF response elements synergistically amplify expression of the reporter (GFP/RFP/Luc), providing a sensitive approach for you to study gene expression or signal pathway activation in mammalian cells. Your choice of selection marker (Puro/BSD) is driven by EF1a. Browse all of our signal pathway/TF reporters in the table below.
  • Superior Knockdown – We Validate All of Our shRNAs LipExoGen Validated shRNA Lentiviruses feature novel, optimized vectors expressing 19-21 bp shRNA with your choice of reporter (GFP/RFP/Luc/None) and drug-selection marker (puromycin or blasticidin). All shRNA are guaranteed to knockdown the indicated gene by at least 70%. All of our shRNA are validated in-house using our proprietary fluorescence-based method that is more faster and more reliable than qPCR. Available as single validated shRNA, or a set of 2 validated shRNAs plus 2 scrambled controls. Click here to knock down any gene!
  • Versatile readout of gene expression – Our ORF cDNA constructs are New-Version Vectors that have been optimized for production of high-titer lentiviral particles and easy establishment of stable cell lines. All of our ORF cDNA constructs feature an epitope tag (e.g. Flag, V5, Myc, HA, etc.) fused to the ORF C-terminus, allowing easy purification or staining of fixed cells/lysates. In live cells, drug selection markers allow stable cell line generation in ~10 days; or, fluorescent reporter can allow isolation by FACS.  Track cells in vivo or in vitro using fluorescence or luciferase. Self-cleaving peptides are included to allow independent protein expression of these components from a single mRNA transcript.
  • High-titer & ultra purifiedLipExoGen  lentiviral particles are ultra-purified and concentrated to high-titer by PEG precipitation and sucrose gradient centrifugation. They are suitable for transduction of primary cells, stem cells, and difficult-to-transfect cells including primary or thawed cells.
  • 100% Customizable – LipExoGen lentiviral particles can be customized according to your requirements for a price that is comparable to that shown on the website.
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